Massage Therapy

Private & Mobile Massage Therapist - Serving South Florida

Michael Metchikian is a licensed massage therapist who offers top-notch massage therapy programs in Broward and Palm Beach County, Florida. 

With his extensive knowledge and expertise in the field, he provides a range of massage therapies, including Swedish and deep tissue massages, to help improve blood flow and relieve pain from a trigger point and various body parts such as knees, shoulders, and lower and upper back. 

Michael’s massage therapy sessions are known to provide SAME-DAY results, making him a popular choice among his clients.

Personal Trainer & Therapist

Private Massage Therapist

One of the unique aspects of Michael’s services is that he offers both private studio sessions and home visits. This flexibility allows his clients to choose the option that best suits their needs, making it easier for them to relax access his services, and receive the therapeutic benefits of his massage techniques. 

Michael’s private massage & personal training studio is equipped with all the necessary equipment and tools to provide a relaxing and comfortable environment for his clients. Moreover, his home visits offer a more personalized experience as clients can receive a massage in their homes.

Michael’s massage programs are designed with each client’s unique needs and requirements in mind. He works closely with his clients to understand their needs, goals, and preferences. Whether a client is seeking relief from stress, muscle tension, or chronic pain, Michael’s massage therapies are tailored to their needs, providing the most effective results.

Experienced Massage Therapist

Michael Metchikian is one of the experienced and licensed professional massage therapists who offer amazing programs in Broward and Palm Beach, Florida. 

His services include Swedish and deep tissue massage to help relieve pain from various body parts. 

With same-day results and flexible options, clients can access Michael’s body massage services at his private studio or in their homes. 

His programs are designed based on each client’s unique requirements, making his services an excellent choice for anyone seeking convenient massages and the therapeutic benefits of massage therapy.

Why Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy is a popular alternative method to deal with various physical ailments.

With expertise in Swedish and Deep Tissue massages, Michael’s services are designed to relieve pain and reduce tension in the knees, shoulders, lower, and upper back. One of the most significant advantages of Michael’s services is that you can expect same-day results, which means relief from pain and stress right after the session. 

Whether you prefer a private studio or home session, Michael’s services are tailored to meet your needs. Michael creates a serene environment in his private studio for his clients that is conducive to relaxation and comfort. 

If you opt for a home session, Michael brings the same level of expertise and professionalism to your doorstep. Michael’s massage therapy techniques create an atmosphere of relaxation, which helps to reduce stress and anxiety. His expertise in massage therapy has made him one of the sought-after therapists in Pompano Beach, Broward, and Palm Beach counties. 

With a client-centered approach and an eye for detail, Michael ensures that each client receives the best treatment. With his passion for wellness and experience in the field, clients can be assured of excellent services and relief from pain and stress.

Michael’s program is perfect for those seeking natural and non-invasive pain relief and relaxation methods. His skillful techniques and gentle demeanor make him the go-to massage therapist in the area.

Frequently asked questions.

How long is a session?

Sessions last between 45-60 minutes

How fast will I see results?

Results are typically seen instantly. Most people leave with less pain

How many sessions do I need?

To be determined by the therapist.

Will I have to do exercises at home?

Yes, the Massage Therapy practitioner will assign a few exercises. They are generally easy and comfortable

Do I need to go to a gym or buy exercise equipment?

NO gym required. The Therapist may ask you to get a couple of simple things i.e., exercise ball, exercise bands