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If you’ve ever worked with a Personal Fitness Trainer before, you’ll notice the difference in Michael Metchikian’s methods right away. As a Certified Personal Trainer, he means business when it comes to getting his clients in shape. But he also makes each workout fun through his motivational/coaching approach. He’s tough when it comes to reaching goals but infuses each fitness session with his trademark positivity and upbeat style—and his clients get results and a body they can be proud of.

Michael is a lifetime student of the fitness industry. He has participated in numerous sports and understands the human body’s potential for fitness through his extensive experience as a competitive bodybuilder, record-holding weight lifter, and fitness trainer. Today, he applies his knowledge to help people get out of pain and start exercising safely and effectively. Michael works with high-level professional athletes, up-and-coming young athletes, and older adults. 

Personal Trainer & Therapist

“I work you up to a level you never thought you could attain. You’re here to work, not play, so I don’t let anyone off the hook!”

Michael Metchikian graduated from Bloomfield College in New Jersey with a B.S. in Exercise and Nutrition. Also, Michael Metchikian is a member of the American Council on Exercise and the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). He is certified by the NASM as a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT), Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES), and Senior Fitness Specialist (SFS). NeuroKinetic (NKT) Therapist level 3, McLoughlin Scar Tissue Therapist, Postural Restoration Institute Therapist
  • Optimum performance training for seniors
  • Optimum performance training for youth
  • Optimum performance training for the prenatal client
  • Integrated core training
  • Integrated flexibility training
  • Weight management specialist
  • American Council on Exercise-certified personal trainer
  • National Fitness Trainers Association 3rd class personal trainer
  • Bally’s health and tennis level 4 personal trainer
  • TRX suspension trainer
  • Russian kettlebell coach
  • American Heart Association CPR/AED (defibrillation).